Many lessons of ancient wisdom have been validated by modern science. The practice of Gurukul education dates back to the Vedic period. Students lived in close proximity to their Gurus and acquired knowledge about spirituality, nature, yoga and life skills.


Art, Craft, Music, Dance, Singing are an integral part of the curriculum and from a parallel curriculum .this helps in the holistic development of the child.


In this age of globalization, communication in English is a must. While we school adheres to ancient wisdom, it also equips its students to communicate effectively in English, Likewise, Handwriting and Newspaper reading are emphasized.

Recognition in India 

Our School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi with the affiliation number 130608. We follow NCERT curriculum.
“The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) envisions a robust, vibrant and holistic school education that will engender excellence in every sphere of human endeavour. The Board commits itself to providing a stress-free learning environment that will develop competent, confident and enterprising, citizens who will promote harmony and peace.”
Subjects offered at various grades include

Primary Middle Secondary Senior Secondary
Grade I – V Grade VI – VIII Grade IX – X Grade XI – XII
English English English M.P.C
Second Language (Hindi, Telugu) Second Language (Hindi, Telugu) Second Language (Hindi, Telugu) Bi.P.C
Third Language (Hindi, Telugu) Third Language (Hindi, Telugu) Science (Physics, Chemistry & Biology) M.E.C
EVS General Science Social Science IIT-JEE Coaching
Mathematics Social Science Computer Science NEET Coaching
Computer Science Computer Science               –